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fds takes its first steps in 2010, soon after university studies, with the desire to create a laboratory where to bring out and test new ideas. The name “officina” is already a clear statement of intent to transform the architectural profession, in a physical place and the ideal of “doing”. Workplace but also and above learning space through the artistic act understood no more as an abstract idea but as modeling of reality. officina di architettura was created with the belief that good design can only be the result of a process of dialogue with the people and listening to the needs of the place. The idea, the invention is always the result of the suggestion that comes from a land full of stimuli and resources from the point of view landscaped, historical and cultural heritage, what need to know how to listen. We are firmly convinced that it is not possible to “architecture”, think about a living space without the affirmation of an unbreakable bond with the place destined to host him. Here then is the architecture, the formation of a language that is understood and appreciated becomes first search, where the term “research” refers precisely its etymological meaning, from the Latin “circare”, as those who want to find something. Thus, the architecture assumes universal character and can really fulfill the social responsibility that has always had. In attention to detail and love that stands the added value of Made in Italy and our work.


co-founder* francesco valentini architect * elisa romagnoli engineer *
collaborators since 2010* susanna montillo * maria letizia gatti * stefano roccioletti * davide tartaglia * eric iazzetta * francesco piombetti * alexandro adami * giulia morbidoni * brian orellana * alessandra frittelli * giulia quercetti
architectural design * landscape design * art installations * exhibition design * master planning * sustainability planning * programming * interior design * furniture design * structural engineering

Social and contacts

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– Instagram: https://instagram.com/fdsofficinadiarchitettura
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/fds_O_D_A_
– Google plus: https://plus.google.com/+fdsofficinadiarchitettura/posts
– Linkedin: https://it.linkedin.com/pub/fds-officina-di-architettura/6b/578/945
– Sito: https://www.fdsofficinadiarchitettura.com
fdsLab chiaravalle via bolzano45 – 60033 AN
tel +39.0717450486
fax +39.0719203974
mail info@fdsofficinadiarchitettura.com

Project List

redevelopment of the historical center
monsano(AN)*projected competiton|short list
artistic architectural intervention
s.benedetto del tronto(AP)*projected competition
dehors wine bar “saltatappo bollicicne”
interior design restaurant “umami” ex area50
renovation and interior design hotel continental
senigallia(AN)*completed in 2011
renovation and interior design PC house
bologna(BO)*completed in 2010
instant house living cell for young guests of expo 2015
milano(MI)*projected competition
new kindergarten
cazzago san martino(BS)*projected competition
renovation and interior design RQ SQ houses
chiaravalle(AN)*completed in 2010


redevelopment of the historical center
offida(AP)*projected competiton
private burial
restyling business center Migliarini group
extension DR house
residential complex “ex filanda moretti”
roof garden for diatech srl
renovation and interior design LM house
renovation and interior design CR house
beauty center interior design
renovation and extendion seafront restaurant “maremoto”
senigallia(AN)*completed in 2011
interior design MM house
macerata(MC)*completed in 2011
environmental impact assessment pv park 5MW fotowatio srl
monsano(MC)*completed in 2010
interior design GB house
castelfidardo(AN)*completed in 2011
new construction LC MGM house and interior design
chiaravalle(AN)*completed in 2012
restyling facade design “centro dell’isolante2”
jesi(AN)*completed in 2011
SB house patio
fano(AN)*currently travelling
renovation and design “boario park”
renovation and design s.giuseppe’s square
jesi(AN)*completed in 2012